Ballistic Shields

The defining factor in materials performance.



Our Minotaur-IIIA line is the elite line of shields for breaching, it has the largest overall footprint and widest overall profile. Vehicle mounting options are available.


.The juggernaut-IV is the only shield required weighing in at less than 30 lbs. that can replace your current III Armour with the added benefit of Level IV protection.


Our Dynamic-IIIA Shield is built for a fast-paced tactical environment, where speed and agility are required. This design offers the most streamlined profile.

Tunnel Rat-IIIA

Our Tunnel Rat Shield is specifically designed for use in tight quarters such as airplanes, buses and subways.

616 Forearm

When seconds count and you need reliable fast protection grab for the 616 Forearm shield for Level IIIA to Level IV Protection.

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Shield Deployment

Here you can observe shield deployment in action as officers train with the Ballistic Shield deployment and application in Live Fire Training.
(Credit: Progressive Combat Systems)


Shield Training

Learn the Basics from Law Enforcement professionals and trained personnel in Breaching, Clearing, Hostage Rescue and SWAT Tactics utilizing the shield. (Credit: Mike Ott, First Choice)