Plate Systems

Advanced Composite Plate systems provide the highest level of protection available on the market today.
Legio X

A Lightweight Stand-Alone NIJ Level 4 plate (10 in. x 12in. Multi-Curve) to Market.


Armour Testing Conducted on Samples



...Advancements in Plate technology to achieve a sub 6 lb. NIJ Level 4 Plate.

Vision for the Polymer Technology


What Level do You Need?


[ NIJ Level 3A+ Stand Alone / Spike 3]
Adapting Protection

The Chimera line was designed to make it possible to have modular plate kits in your trunk and slip them in when you need the enhanced protection and remove them when you don't. (+ FN 57 SS197 and SS195)

Legio X

[ NIJ Level 4 Stand Alone ]
Command Performance

A great plate for any environment, this composite plate is rated to NIJ Level 4 with the ability to stop additional threats as well.

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NIJ Certified Level 4

Our certified level 4 plate sets the bar high for the competition.

NIJ Certified Level 3

Next generation materials make this plate ready for anything.

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Quick Reaction Plate (QRP)

When you need enhanced protection for your sternum. This plate offers stand-alone level 3A+ (NIJ 0101.06) and Spike 3  (NIJ 0115.00)protection you can add to your soft armor vest to help minimize backface deformation over vital organs. (+ FN 57 SS197 and SS195)

Female Plate Systems

Armourer's Choice embarked on a mission to build the most comfortable, lightest and highest performing female torso plate on the market.

 Decrease employee discomfort and increase employee satisfaction by providing them equipment that is fitted properly.

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Plate Shapes
Our Plates comes in a variety of shapes to meet any tactical need.

The plates are available in single and multi-curve geometries.

What happens when a plate is shot?

When a ballistic event happens, it creates a conoid of roughly 65 degrees, generating a microfracture structure which inherently powders/shards and some material ejects from the small hole created from the impactor. This event creates both static and dynamic deformations which are translated to the body as blunt force trauma instead of bullet penetration. This elastic or dynamic deformation is what is measured to meet the National Institute of Justice Standards for ballistic resistance and must not exceed 44 mm of deformation.

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